Knockhill Round 2

Knockhill is a track that I have been very successful at in the past in the Ginettas and this meant I was expecting the same in the Mini. The Monday test day was vey promising and I was very dominant 2nd overall across all the sessions.
Friday we had 2 test sessions and again I was very fast and ended up 2nd overall, this continued my confidence onto the Qualifying session on Saturday morning of which I was fastest until the last 20 seconds! I was gutted but I knew 2nd was still good enough.

Race 1 I made and amazing start and then was battling for the lead and I managed to get the lead and slowly pull away I was so consistent and this meant I pulled away and dominated the race winning by 6.7 seconds … something that no one in mini had ever done before.

Race 2 I started on pole as thats where I finished in Race 1 so I had a good start and took an amazing lights so flag victory and won by another huge margin.. what a dream weekend this was turning out to be.

Race 3 was a reverse grid start off p8 I didn’t make the best of starts but I then got spun around and dropped back down to p18. At this point I thought I am going to try and achieve as much points as I could so in 5 laps time I had made it up into p6 and at this point I was leading the championship… until the last corner where I hit the breaks and the pedal went straight to the floor and I had no way to stop the car so I hit the wall at over 70 mph and this would finish my weekend to be the best and worst weekend I had ever had.

Donnington Round 1

The season has finally started! testing at Donnington on Friday was very promising with 2 consistent sessions and finishing the day in 3rd place which gave me lots of confidence for the upcoming Qualifying on Saturday.
Qualifying was very close between the whole grid and I put in some fast times but I didn’t quite achieve my ultimate lap time which would of put me pole, instead I would start Race 1 in P11 not where I wanted to be.
Race 1 I made a good start and I felt like I was really struggling for pace so I settled for P9 which is were I would start for Race 2. I made a brilliant start but almost straight away took huge avoiding action of another car who was stationary on the grid, this meant I dropped down to p19, and I had a big job on my hands to then progress up the grid.After a great come back drive I finished the race in 16th. Race 3 I would start p16 and at this point I knew I had to really push myself and i climbed the grid picking several places up each lap to finish in a solid 7th place. This was a good end to an average weekend.

Reduced Season for 2020

Racing will finally start for the Mini Challenge JCW championship on 1st August with racing initially at least behind closed doors. The championship has been reduced to 5 race weekends between August and mid November. With the lifting of restrictions we have been able to do a couple of tests prior to the first race which have been promising and I am looking forward to the first race. I am delighted to be supporting the Race Against Dementia charity in 2020 and will be collecting for the charity at all of my races. 


For 2020 I will be racing  again in the Mini Challenge championship but for this year I have changed teams to Elite Motorsport who are a very established team. We have completed 3 test days pre season all of them I came away from feeling very confident for the up coming season! Having last year as a learning one I have started where I left off in 2019 and the times from testing are very promising !

But the season at the moment is postponed as everyone will know due to COVID-19… but we hope to be back racing in 2020 so keep yourself tuned into my social media channels.


Final Round Snetterton

Snetterton would be the host  of the final round of the 2019 Mini challenge season. 

I we had previously raced at this track earlier in the season and I hadn’t performed to the best of my ability purely down to some mechanical failures. Before the last round at Snetterton I did a test day with an instructor to gain the last few tenths so I was fast!

Qualifying came around on the saturday and I was very fast in the top 5 the whole session ! a big improvement on last time. My end result was P5 which I was very happy with and made all the hard work worth it!

Race 1- I started P5 and made a good start ! moving up to P4 where i stayed for a few laps and after a great battle I dropped back to P5 where I finished! 

Race 2- I got the reverse grid P2 and had a great start then 2 laps into the race I got shafted off of the track dropping me to last place! I then had to make up a lot of places which I did recovering back to P10 on the last lap but then on the last corner the ball joint on the steering arm broke! This meant I had no steering and went straight into the wall ! weekend over.

Lots of positives to take away from 2019 ! a tough year but a lot has been learnt and i have showed some mega pace against the drivers who have been in Minis for a while ! 

Brands Hatch GP – Rd 6

Round 6 of the Mini Challenge JCW championship was held on the Brands Hatch GP circuit. This was my first time on the GP track and I found it challenge and exciting circuit to race on.

We had an issue in qualifying which turned out to be related to the turbo boost value and I could only manage 15th quickest which was a little disappointing.

Race 1 I had a good close race and finished 10th.

Race 2 I started on pole because of the reverse grid for the race and led for the first 5 laps but I felt the car engine slightly loose power and I dropped down to 5th which I managed to hold until the end of the race.

Brands Hatch Mini Festival – Rd 5

The Mini Festival is a great weekend of Mini racing in which the Mini Challenge JCW class was the star attraction. This year the Festival took place on the Brands hatch Indy circuit and there was great racing throughout the weekend.

Qualifying was very close with only 1 second covering the top 17 cars on the grid. Unfortunately I got held up on my fastest lap and could only manage 16th place.

Race 1 was very close, I had to take avoiding action in the first corner as 2 cars went off the track which dropped me back a few places which I managed to make back to finish 12th.

Race 2 wasn’t so good as I was shoved off the track on the exit from Druids and into the tyre wall on the second lap and rejoined the track in 26th place, but managed to make back 6 places to finish 20th despite the car having sustained a lot of damage in the early accident.

Race 3 was my best race of the weekend, starting 20th on the grid I had a great race through the field and finished 11th overall. Now I am looking forward to the next race on the Brands GP circuit.

Donnington – Rd 4

Donington is one of my favourite tracks and one I dominated last year in the final round of the Ginetta GT5 championship, the corners and straights just making it into a perfect flowing circuit.

With continued problems across the season so far I managed to qualify P14 which was pretty good considering the issues throughout the qualifying session. So I would then start race 1 off P14 and before I could complete the green flag lap I broke a drive shaft and this meant I could not start the race, this was just a very unfortunate thing to happen DNS me from Race 1.

I then re-gathered myself for race 2 which I started off P25 due to my earlier race 1 DNS. I was feeling very confident and after a great start I made up a few positions to P20 but I was sure that the car was not running right I progressed on through the race not making up a lot of ground ending up P18 which was a solid finish.

Further component testing after the meeting found that my turbo was faulty and not producing enough power.

Silverstone Rd 3

Silverstone came and this is a track I hadn’t been to much before, so the knowledge on it wasn’t great. I was also unsure if the car would run right but for the duration of the weekend it ran without fail.

Qualifying was an interesting one because I decided to use old tyres to save myself for the races, this didn’t actually hurt my qualifying to badly. I managed to achieve P9 which I was relatively happy with, this would put me in a decent position for race 1.

Race 1 after making an average start I held my position and going into turn 2 another car spun throwing up lots of debris and mud onto the track directly in front of my car this then meant when I came to braking well I couldn’t due to the track now being very slippery and the car and ended up flying across the track and through the gravel and the grass, re joining the track down in 20th place, I then began my come back of which I managed to get back to 12th where I would start for race 2.

Race 2 I started in 12th place and even off the line made up one position then by the end of the first lap I was in P9 and making lots of progress , I felt so so confident with the car and she was absolutely on rails I then just kept on moving up the field to P6 where I finished but if only there was 1 more lap I would have been on the podium but I am happy with how the weekend ended and this just shows I am very competitive we just need to ensure reliability with the car.

Snetterton – Rd 2

Snetterton is a track I was looking forward to and after a test day before the weekend I felt confident!
For qualifying I went out expecting good things and initially the car felt good but as the tyres became hot I realised that there was a major handling issue with the car that was affecting me through and off the corners. This meant that I couldn’t get any power down at all. So even with pushing as hard as I could I only managed 18th place which isn’t where I realistically should have been.

In Race 1 I started off p18 not getting the best of starts I held my position and progressed into turn 3 in the middle of the pack and I got completely shafted off the track, meaning that not only was the front of the car smashed up but also the tracking was out by 5mm front and rear. I was also now in last place, but I still managed to progress up some of the field to 21st which was as far as I could come due to the fact the car was so difficult to control.

In Race 2 I felt confident I could make some head way and I got an amazing start making up 4 places off the line and after a good first couple of laps making some brilliant headway I was feeling confident and very happy I would easily make the top 10, but then as I was pulling out of the hairpin the engine completely shut itself down I was devastated…. I re-booted the car and it started so I continued but then it shut down again round the last corner so I made the decision to come into the pits as my car could not run the rest of the race.
Overall lots to learn but some serious mechanical and setup issues with the car that meant that I wasn’t competitive at any point through the weekend.