R6 Knockhill

Knockhill is a track I haven’t tested at much before so I decided to give myself the best chance for the weekend I would fly up a week before and do some vital setup testing and thankfully by the end of the day I had found what I felt was a fast setup which I could produce some good times with ahead of the weekend.

Friday came and it was test day and for both of the test sessions I was in the top 5 of which I was very pleased with because I had only been there once before ! There were a few slight adjustments to the setup I had previously perfected due to different rubber laid on the track didn’t quite work.

Saturday was almost the perfect day, I went out in Qualifying put my 44 car on the front row until the last lap when I was beaten to the post by 5 hundredths dropping me to P4 but this was still an awesome position to start race 1! Starting on the second row I got good start to the race and then slowly watched my competitors where they were slower and faster than myself, and then 3 laps before the end of the race I went in for the move on 3rd place and then pounced on 2nd place of which I gained both places. I was so happy with a 2nd place finish because I knew the pace was there and the opportunity of a win in race 2 was on the cards!

Sunday this was a very exciting day I started on the front row for the race which was in the full wet I made a good start and within laps there was a red flag at this time I was in 3rd and then when we commenced racing again I restarted in 3rd place and is where I stayed for the rest of the race and even though it wasn’t a win I was very happy with a double podium!