Snetterton – Rd 2

Snetterton is a track I was looking forward to and after a test day before the weekend I felt confident!
For qualifying I went out expecting good things and initially the car felt good but as the tyres became hot I realised that there was a major handling issue with the car that was affecting me through and off the corners. This meant that I couldn’t get any power down at all. So even with pushing as hard as I could I only managed 18th place which isn’t where I realistically should have been.

In Race 1 I started off p18 not getting the best of starts I held my position and progressed into turn 3 in the middle of the pack and I got completely shafted off the track, meaning that not only was the front of the car smashed up but also the tracking was out by 5mm front and rear. I was also now in last place, but I still managed to progress up some of the field to 21st which was as far as I could come due to the fact the car was so difficult to control.

In Race 2 I felt confident I could make some head way and I got an amazing start making up 4 places off the line and after a good first couple of laps making some brilliant headway I was feeling confident and very happy I would easily make the top 10, but then as I was pulling out of the hairpin the engine completely shut itself down I was devastated…. I re-booted the car and it started so I continued but then it shut down again round the last corner so I made the decision to come into the pits as my car could not run the rest of the race.
Overall lots to learn but some serious mechanical and setup issues with the car that meant that I wasn’t competitive at any point through the weekend.