Knockhill Round 2

Knockhill is a track that I have been very successful at in the past in the Ginettas and this meant I was expecting the same in the Mini. The Monday test day was vey promising and I was very dominant 2nd overall across all the sessions.
Friday we had 2 test sessions and again I was very fast and ended up 2nd overall, this continued my confidence onto the Qualifying session on Saturday morning of which I was fastest until the last 20 seconds! I was gutted but I knew 2nd was still good enough.

Race 1 I made and amazing start and then was battling for the lead and I managed to get the lead and slowly pull away I was so consistent and this meant I pulled away and dominated the race winning by 6.7 seconds … something that no one in mini had ever done before.

Race 2 I started on pole as thats where I finished in Race 1 so I had a good start and took an amazing lights so flag victory and won by another huge margin.. what a dream weekend this was turning out to be.

Race 3 was a reverse grid start off p8 I didn’t make the best of starts but I then got spun around and dropped back down to p18. At this point I thought I am going to try and achieve as much points as I could so in 5 laps time I had made it up into p6 and at this point I was leading the championship… until the last corner where I hit the breaks and the pedal went straight to the floor and I had no way to stop the car so I hit the wall at over 70 mph and this would finish my weekend to be the best and worst weekend I had ever had.