A Tough Round 1

R1 of the Ginetta Gt5 championship was at Oulton Park a track which is a favourite of mine on the 2018 calendar. We started with practice on Thursday and Friday which as proven last year showed I was one of the fastest if not the fastest driver there!

When it came to Quli we were very confident as it was very wet and those are my ideal conditions, I was dominant through the session until the last 3 seconds when my team mate pipped me by 0.09 which was a shame for me but I was happy to still be on the front row. Race 1 we started off p2 and I made a good initial start but my clutch wouldn’t release which meant I then struggled down to turn 1 where by this time I had lost 3 places dropping me to 4th where I finished. Race 2 I made an amazing start up to 2nd of which was short lived when another competitor decided he would push me off the circuit dropping me down to 19th place of which I climbed back to 13th by the end of the race. Race 3 due to weather conditions was cancelled and will be carried over to Rockingham R2. 

Overall the weekend was a learning curve and will be improved on.