R3 Triumph

R3 was at Thruxton Motor Circuit of which we hadn’t tested a lot at as the availability of the track is few and far between. Running up to the weekend I had spent a day on the track getting back into the swing of things this definitely helped find a base setup for the race weekend.

When we arrived at the race circuit on Saturday I felt very confident for what was to come ! this was going to be a tough task but I felt like we had the pace to win. I had to go straight into Qualifying on Saturday morning and I immediately felt comfortable in the car,on the second lap I set purple sectors and went P3 but according to a report from the marshall I had used track limits so they removed my amazing lap and used my second fastest lap leaving me P8. After some later analysis we found out from the camera footage I hadn’t actually used the track limits but we couldn’t undo the decision as it was too late ! making me very angry!

Race 1 I started P8 and made a brilliant start getting up to P5 but as the race carried on I started to get a problem with understeer and this confused me as the setup I was using shouldn’t produce this at all and this hugely affected the speed I was able to carry around Goodwood and Church!I could also feel the brakes going and this was causing me to struggle to slow my car down in the heavy braking zones, so I ended up finishing 7th. We analysed the data and the car and found that the left side brakes were hugely worn and were stuck on! not something you’d want round such a high speed track!

Race 2 I started off P7 and made and awesome start up to P5 and after a lap I was back down to 11th as I was forced wide off the exit of Church I then re grouped and thought to myself lets have this! and one by one I picked off 6 cars in 2 laps I the set my sights for the win of which I had to close a 5 second gap to the top 3 ! this I did and 4 laps from the end I had overtaken 3rd and 2nd place and had to close down on the first place car I was absolutely on it purple sectors all-round holding the fastest lap for a while, and with 2 laps to go I passed the leader with a stunning move around the outside of church and I took the lead which is where I stayed and I won the race gaining full championship points !